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This Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra charged by 5001 bagalamukhi mantra. Mahavidya Baglamukhi given place among ten top perception

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Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra for protection

This Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra charged by 5001 bagalamukhi mantra. Mahavidya Baglamukhi given place among ten top perception Godesses (Dus Mahavidya). Actually the 10 Mahavidya Godesses are viewed as to be the preceding deities of the kundalini shakti. Baglamukhi is precisely considered an enemy destroyer divinity. In a process of inner cleansing of the kundalini path goddess Baglamukhi is the slayer of bad feelings, thought processes and speech. She is moderator to invoke purified thoughts, mind and self. The Baglamukhi yantra royally affects both inwardly and outwardly. Externally the sadhaka (performer) is endowed with divine and extraordinary activities to become unbeatable and omniscient personality. And internally the sadhaka prefers great persistence and will power to remain committed towards his future spiritual objective. The rewarding outcomes of Baglamukhi yantra displays in an invincible persona of the sadhaka. It is preferable for a kriya yog sadhaka to carry out around 3 Mahavidya sadhana’s while active kundalini.

Mata baglamukhi maintains the 8 important position in all the 10 (Das) Mahavidya’s. Bagalamukhi yantra is performed based on Tantric rituals. This yantra helps you to overcome our external opponents and also bodily enemies i.e kama, krodha, lobha, moha & ahankar. On this yantra help to control of not just over their negativeness but also they have a full control of the external world. Yantra of mata baglamukhi offers the sadhak self skills along with enormous strength and capacity go ahead a right path in his life.

Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra benefits

  • Enemy and hidden enemy protection
  • To wipe bad attitude
  • Benefit in politics
  • Benefit in lawsuit

Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra muhurt

  • Day of Bagalamukhi yantra: Start from any Tuesday, Ashtami, Guru pushya nakshatra, Grahan and Amavasya
  • Bagalamukhi yantra Direction: South/weast
  • Bagalamukhi yantra time: After Sunset
  • Place- You can keep in office or on home worship place also

Who can do this Bagalamukhi gold plated yantra

Anybody can do this Bagalamukhi yantra. To get rid from frustration and provocation from up described reasons gurudiksha highly suggest make a decision Bagalamukhi yantra to secure yourself from evil spirit, hidden enemy, akaal mrityu as well as from any prospect.

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