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This Kamala rosary is charged by 2100 mahavidya kamala mantra. Mahavidya Kamala maintains the 10th important place with all the 10 Ten Mahavidya's

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Mahavidya Kamala rosary for wealth

This Kamala rosary is charged by 2100 mahavidya kamala mantra. Mahavidya Kamala maintains the 10th important place with all the 10 Ten Mahavidya's. She s resting on the lotus which presents chasteness. Maata Kamala is a pleasing young female having a lustrous complexion, delighting the senses, exciting perceptive and highly emotional affection. Maata Kamala has 4 hands with lotus flowers in her 2 hands, and her two other hands are really in the posture of giving boons and positive aspects. She has a crown on her head and wears smooth clothing. 4 elephants as white as the snow of Himalayas surround her, moving vessels containing gold in their trunks.

Kamala Maa is the mother of wealth, chasteness, chastity and liberality. Mata Kamala is Lord (bhagwan) Vishnu's strength existing in natural form and come with him in all his angelic activities. Her sadhana actually is the worship of Shakti (Power) the root reason for the presence of this world. Her worship to provide success, stunning quality, prosperity etc. Maata Kamala like Mother Lakshmi is a maata of fame and fortune, fate, riches, material health and well being, fertility and pregnancy of children.

Mahavidya kamala rosary/mala benefits

In tantra sadhna of 10 Mahavidya sadhaks consider Ma Kamala to provide instantaneous outcome and one is protected against a lot of issues related to catastrophe, misfortune, debt, business stoppage and aridity etc. This rosary/mala brings up inestimable attributes of at all times affluence, stability, enormous wealth and blesses with pleased family life. The outcome is realised immediately after the wearing or by chanting of this rosary/mala.

The contender upasak, owning mastered Mata Kamala get all Ashtsidhis, and then he progresses spiritually and gives the bodily capability or intensity to relief of all the problems, gets all the dreams fulfilled. The goddess of wealth "Mahavidya Kamala", who takes away her Sadhak of debts, misfortune, trepidation, problems, sins, ailments and risk of unfortunate death. She grants upon him sharp intelligence, affecting persona, wealth, health care, an attractive spouse, kids, possessions, motor vehicles, name, fame and fortune and respect.

Mata Kamala mahavidya rosary/mala muhurt

  • Day of Kamala mahavidya havan/homa: Start from any Tuesday, Purnima, Ashtami, Guru pushya nakshatra and Ravi pushya nakshatra.
  • Kamala mahavidya havan/homa Direction: South/East
  • Kamala mahavidya havan/homa time: After Sunset

Who can buy this Mata Kamala mahavidya rosary/mala

Anybody can get this Kamala mahavidya rosary/mala. To get rid all problems from up described reasons GuruDiksha highly suggest make a decision to choose Kamala mahavidya rosary/mala for wealth and prosperity.

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