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This Lakshmi-kuber pocket card charged by 1001 lakshmi-kuber mantra. Kuber is viewed as as the deity of wealth, in Hindu mythology.

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Lakshmi-kuber pocket card for wealth

This Lakshmi-kuber pocket card charged by 1001 lakshmi-kuber mantra. Kuber is viewed as as the deity of wealth, in Hindu mythology. Lord Kuber is usually referred to as a god of yakshas (savage beings). Kubera is often considered with the god of fortune.

Kubera is famous as Dhanapati, ‘Lord of wealth’; Iccha-vasu-‘who has wealth at will’ Yaksha-Raja- ‘king of the yakshas’; Ratna-garbha – ‘womb of jewels’; and also Nara- raja’-lord over men’ for the obvious reasons of wealth. Kubera refered to as Kuvera or Kuber is the king of the Yakshas along with the lord (bhagwan) of wealth in Hindu mythology. He is often known as Dhanapati, the lord of riches. He is one of the Guardians of the directions, addressing the Uttar-Disha (North). In Hindu mythology Lord (bhagwan) Kubera is indicated as the son of Lord Brahma , he is the ruler of the hidden city in the himalayas referred to as Alkapuri, that have all the stored up wealth of the Earth.

The word Laxmi based upon the Sanskrit word lakshya, representing desire. Ma laxmi is the Mata of wealth, abundance and good fortune with material and spiritual escalation. She s thought to be secure her devotees from all types of anguish and money-related sorrows. She is the paradisiaque spouse of Lord (bhagwan) Vishnu and is also referred to Shri. Laxmi is the daughter of Bhrigu and Khyaati in accordance with the Vishnu (narayana) Purana and resided in Swarga. She left Swarga and made ksheera sagara her home because of the curse of Durvasa.

Lakshmi-kuber pocket card advantage

Lakshmi-kuber pocket card has many of advantages. It defends an individual from:

  • Poverty
  • Debt
  • Trade crashes
  • Lack of gained wealth
  • Loss of immovable property
  • Those who are experiencing fiscal crunches
  • Every one of financial hardships
  • For success and abundance.
  • Speedy recovery of dues from others.
  • Shields from debt and poverty
  • Protects and grows bank balance
  • Expansion of trade
  • Dispelling any problem and difficulties regarding business etc

Lakshmi-kuber pocket card keeping muhurt

  • Day of keeping Lakshmi-kuber pocket card: Start from any Thursday, Purnima, Ekadashi, Guru pushya nakshatra.
  • Lakshmi-kuber pocket card keeping Direction: North/East
  • Lakshmi-kuber pocket card keeping time: After Sunrise
  • Place: Keep in purse/pocket

Who can get this Lakshmi-kuber pocket card

Anybody can get this Lakshmi-kuber pocket card. To get rid all problems from up described reasons GuruDiksha highly suggest make a decision Lakshmi-kuber pocket card for wealth and prosperity.

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