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Goddess Kali means "the black one". Precipitated by her coloration and look in black she is often known as Mata Mahakali. The name Kali occurs in kaala

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Kali/Mahakali puja for strong protection

Goddess Kali means "the black one". Precipitated by her coloration and look in black she is often known as Mata Mahakali. The name Kali occurs in kaala, this means black, time, death or lord of death. Kali means "the black one". Resulting from her skin look in black she is referred to as Ma Kali. The name Mahakali occurs in kaala, which translates to mean black, time, death or lord of death.

Kali/Mahakali puja benefits

Mata kali puja protects any person from the following:

  • Long term sickness
  • Incurable illnesses
  • Evil spirit and black magic
  • Enormous debt so as to drives someone to excessive poor standards of living
  • Obstacles in functioning of business etc
  • Disloyalty by honest friend, mate, or husband or wife
  • Deficit of achievement and manages to lose constantly in education & career
  • Frequent Loss of job
  • Stumbling block in promotion and termination of profession
  • Going through usual and frequent troubles & slander coming through unknown reasons
  • Unwanted and unforeseen difficulties resulting from an unfortunate event
  • Remove bad effect of Saturn

Horoscope Significance of Dus Mahavidya Mata kali pooja

Listed below are shani doshas for which absolutely everyone which requires rapid therapy to have rid of the suffering and agony created during these doshas.
Malefic effect of shani in mahadasa or antardasa
Malefic effect of shani sade sati
Malefic effect of shani dhaiya

This Kali pujan which involves.....

  • Shri kalash
  • sthapan poojanam,
  • pranprathista,
  • sodasoupchar poojanam,
  • dusmahavidya kali patha,
  • 1008 namavali,
  • vrihad kali mantrajapa,
  • purnahut,
  • homam and visarjan.

Beyond all these furthermore we conduct Shree Mahakali yantra poojan and any other definite tantric puja as per the requirement.

Kali Puja muhurt

  • Day of Kali puja: Any Tuesday, Ashtami, Guru pushya nakshatra and Amavasya
  • Kali puja Direction: South
  • Kali puja time: After Sunset

Who can do this Kali Puja

Anybody can perform this kali puja. We (GuruDiksha) perform Kali puja on your behalf. To get rid from distress and aggravation from up described reasons gurudiksha highly recommend decide on the Dus mahavidya tantrik mahakali pujan to guard yourself from evil spirit, jaadu-tona, akaal mrityu and also from any prospect.

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