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Mata Saraswati is the Hindu goddess knowledgeable, music and each of the artistic arts...

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Saraswati Havan for intelligence

Mata Saraswati is the Hindu goddess knowledgeable, music and each of the artistic arts. Saraswati which is the Mother of the Veda's and the repository of Brahma's innovative intelligence. Saraswati is additionally called Vak Devi, the mother of speech. For most Indian artists, all art and every one new art traditions start with Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of art. She is the main muze of every native Indian artist.

So as to create everything and produce mankind, Brahma make a goddess out of himself. One half was female and the other half was male. Brahma called the woman Gayatri, but she also turned respected by many other names like Saraswati.

Dressed in white, Saraswati holds a mala and a palm leaf scroll, specifying knowledge. Saraswati usually rides a swan and sometimes a peacock, while playing music on a veena.

Saraswati Havan benefits

  • Success in Education
  • Success in music
  • Success in speech
  • Success in debates
  • Success in salesmanship
  • Success in cunning mind

Saraswati Havan muhurt

  • Day of saraswati havan: Any panchami, Wednesday, Guru pushya nakshatra
  • Saraswati havan Direction: East
  • Saraswati havan time: After 4am to 6pm between

Who can get this saraswati havan

Male/Female/Child anybody can do saraswati havan. We (GuruDiksha) can perform saraswati havan on your behalf.

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