April 2016 — GuruDiksha

Gurudiksha Gurudiksha April 8, 2016

Durga Navratri 2016

Navratri, actually translated as 'nine nights' is considered the most celebrated Hindu festival related to Goddess Durga as a symbol of purity and authority or 'shakti'. Navratri festival combines ritualistic pujan and going on a fast and is accompanied by dazzling events for 9 consecutive days and nights. Navratri in India follows the lunar calendar and is celebrated in March/April as Chaitra Navratri and in September/October as Sharad Navratri.

Through Navratri, people from towns and cities gather to do 'puja' on little shrines representing different facets of Goddess Durga, including Maa Laxmi and Mata Sarasvati. Chanting of manthras and renditions of bhajans and folk songs usually accompany the pujan traditions for nine subsequent days of Navratri.

Throughout Navratri make certain you be able to chant below mantra for fulfill desires.

  • For Girl- Chant "OM DUM DURGAYE MAM PRIYA AAGACHCHH AGACHCHH NAMAHA" for perfect partner.
  • For wife- Chant "OM DUM AING SHREEM KLEEM NAMAHA" For family peace, relationship and children health.
  • For every one- Chant " OM DUM GURGAAYE MAM KAARYA KURU KURU HUM NAMAHA" For wealth, prosperity and spirituality.
  • For protection- Chant "OM DUM KLEEM HLEEM KREEM HUM NAMAHA" For all kind of protection.
  • All above mantra chant 3 mala (324 mantra) daily till 15th april 2016 (Ram navami)