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Lord Hanumanji or the devoted of Shri Shrirama, the personification of strenght, heroism and courage is born of our epics to encourage in us the urge to stand up to our daily problems

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Panchamukhi hanuman diksha for strong protection

Lord Hanumanji or the devoted of Shri Shrirama, the personification of strength, heroism and courage is born of our epics to encourage in us the urge to stand up to our daily problems and face life’s hurdles, problems, foes and other not-so good aspects with equivalent psychological strength and valor.

Lord Panchamukha Hanuman belongs to the most essential upasana deity of our Guru Parampara. Inspite of rapid progress in knowledge, there's a rising low self-esteem for the regular person, both at physical and emotional stages. Sri Panchamukha Anjaneya (Panchamukhi hanuman) assurances this safety to all followers.

Every Face of Shri Panchamukha Hanuman has significance

  • Sri Hanuman faces East. He gets chasteness of mind and success.
  • The Narasimha face South. He presents victory and courage.
  • The West facing Garuda takes out black magic and unhealthy toxins.
  • The North facing Varaha, showers progress, wealth.
  • The Hayagriva mukha faces the Sky. Yet because we cannot see it, it is usually tilted and shown above Hanuman’s face. Hayagriva gives wisdom and good children.”

Shri Panchamukhi Hanuman refers to five faces. According to the scriptures, Lord (bhagwan) Hanuman assumed this form to kill Mahiravana, brother of Ravana. Mahiravana was a witch and an passionate follower of Mother Mahamaya. Started by Ravana, Mahiravana took Lord (bhagwan) Shrirama and his brother Lakshmana to Paataal Loka (the nether-world) and was tempted to sacrifice them to Mata Mahamaya. To save the divine brothers, Lord (bhagwan) Hanuman required to stub out 5 lamps burning in several directions concurrently. He accordingly understood the Panchamukha form to succeed this task.

Panchamukhi hanuman form of Hanuman is very well-liked, especially named Panchamukha Anjaneya and Panchamukhi Anjaneya. (Anjaneya, which translates to mean "son of Anjana", is another name of Hanuman).Panchamukhi Hanuman is a form of Lord (bhagwan) Hanuman. Panchamukhi (alternate spelling panchamukha) means "five-faced". Lord (bhagwan) Hanuman believed this form to destroy Mahiravana, a strong rakshasa black-magician and specialist of the dark arts during the Ramayana battle. It is helpful to conquer unpleasant energy,to conquer issues and protection against evil.

Panchamukhi hanuman diksha muhurt

  • Day of Panchamukhi hanuman diksha: Any Tuesday, Ashtami, Guru pushya nakshatra, Grahan and Amavasya
  • Panchamukhi hanuman Diksha Direction: South
  • Panchamukhi hanuman Diksha time: After Sunset

Who can do this Panchamukhi hanuman diksha

Only male should get this Panchamukhi hanuman diksha. We (GuruDiksha) do Panchamukhi hanuman diksha instead of you. To get rid from discomfort and annoyance from up mentioned reasons gurudiksha strongly recommend choose Panchamukhi hanuman diksha to guard yourself from evil spirit, jaadu-tona, akaal mrityu and as well from any prospect.

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